soundfield#1 with the falling of the light

soundfield#1 with the falling of the light is a VR work that is being developed for the exhibition, Birds and Language (

For this work, I am interested in how birds mark out and sense three-dimensional space through their own and other birds' calls. While human utterances mostly work at short range, animals such as whale, elephants and birds create sounds that carry over long distances. These calls can serve to mark out territory, to find a mate but also as a more social “I’m over here”. Soundfield#1 with the falling of the light uses ambisonic recordings of bird calls at dusk. Ambisonics is a technique for capturing three-dimensional sound fields that can be used to create highly spatialised audio in VR experiences.

The work seeks to speculatively situate the participant within the sensory world of the birds by imagining a visual representation of the three-dimensional bird soundscapes as a kind of unfolding spatiotemporal synaesthesia. The visual component of the work is deliberately minimal and ambiguous – they have very few features such as texture or shading that we normally use to make sense of 3d space.

PLEASE NOTE: an interactive VR capable version of this project will be embedded on this page for the Birds and Language exhibition - watch this space!