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Personal Eugenics
installation and web based work 1999-2000

Personal Eugenics consists of a computer interactive and wall pieces. The interactive allows the user to capture/upload an image of their face together with a description of the type of person they would like to become. The user (and other users) can then evolve the face to fit the description.

Over time different traits can be exaggerated or diminished according to the user's breeding choices. The resulting faces can be the result of many individual tamperings.

A printout from the interactive documents each user's evolutionary progress. These are attached to the wall by the user, accumulating to form an archive.


Artspace, Sydney 2000


Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane 2001




A wall piece charts the evolution of "man", starting with a single cell and progressing through different evolutionary stages including; fish, amphibian, reptile, mammal, monkey and ape. This computer-generated image is constructed from manipulated stills of the artist in various poses.

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Canberra Contemporary Art Space 1999






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